Friday, 31 January 2014

Internet Facts & Figures Helping in Promotion

A new company or organization spends a good amount of money on advertizing its products in the market. As the social media is engaging the interests of every age, people on internet are increasing day by day. There are many advantages as well as some disadvantages for this too. Internet has both good and bad things like everything else normally has. But the user’s quantity is increasing very much and that is the positive sign for the companies because they can easily hire a cheap SEO and market their product intelligently. If we talk about America, Internet users are large in number. The total internet users in all America are 528,701,158 people. Geographically using of internet in America is as follows,
1.       North America:     51.8%
2.       South America:     35.9%
3.       Central America:    9.7%
4.       The Caribbean:       2.6%
That means a large number of people are addicted to the internet and it’s now a basic need without which one cannot survive. Here SEO plays an essential role in attracting the specific users of the concerned product of which he is trying to market. According to an internet world stats website if we compare America from the rest of the world then North America has 11.4% while Latin America/Caribbean has 10.4% of the world internet users. It means one can easily get advantage from affordable SEO services and can increase selling percentage. In comparison of internet users in the world, North and Latin America is on 3rd and 4th positions respectively. As a whole, more than 56% of the total population of America uses internet for different purposes, so you can target more than half percentage of the nation through internet by getting cheap SEO services. It’s easy to find Affordable SEO services on the internet.

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